News From the Kitchen

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Everything we make in our kitchen is fantastic, as is our new addition to the lineup: Gluten Free Apple Crisp…

applesolutely delicious !!!!!

Butter Tarts

We are in love with our butter tarts so much, it's hard to share and not keep them all to ourselves. But, being nice people, this year we've decided to spread the love and have them for you to enjoy too.

We're making traditional butter tarts and apple butter tarts; can’t wait.


You're going to eat well this fall. Local handmade sausages will be on the grill every weekend, as well as hotdogs for the kids. You'll be hungry after apple picking, finding your way out of the maze, walking the forest trail, the tether ball; you will be fed well and can then go home happy.



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