The Big Bird Saved The … ORCHARD AGAIN!!!

Unseasonably warm weather in March brought the apple trees out of dormancy three weeks earlier than normal this year. But when the blossoms emerged meteorologists were predicting below zero temperatures.

Fortunately, there was one option, one chance to save the crop. And it was going to come from the sky….we hired a helicopter. The big bird was to blow the warm air from above down on the ground where the trees were suffering.

“It's 2:00 am and the temperature has dropped to -2°C. It is a couple of days before blossom and if it drops any further we will lose the crop. So the call goes out to the pilot on standby for the helicopter. A half hour later we see his lights in the night sky and he drops down to 20 meters and starts to slowly fly his grid over the whole orchard.

We know it is working immediately because the warm air he is pushing down from higher up is condensing as it hits the cold air near the ground. Checking thermometers placed around the orchard we happily see that the temperature has risen to +3°C . Safe for another night.”


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