A: We have acted diligently to make sure our farm is a clean and safe space for all visitors. We planned this year with additional staff, signage, and cleaning to keep our spaces safe. There are many new additions to the orchard: educational signage, one way lanes, cleaning stations – all to assist our guests in having a good experience. 

We have also extended our weekday hours. We are now open from 10am-7pm Monday to Friday, in order to allow guests to visit after working hours instead of only weekends. Weekend hours are 9am-5pm.

We have reassessed day by day, and have added to and revised our protocols in order to keep our farm running smoothly and safely: 

1. Social distancing is mandatory on our farm. If you are not prepared to social distance during your entire visit, please do not come.

2. Groups must be limited to 10 people or less. Working with the government and health unit’s advice, we are enforcing this protocol. Social bubbles are not to exceed 10 people, and so we ask that when guests plan their trip here, they do not exceed this number. 

3. There are areas on our farm that now require masks to be worn: our sales area, areas that require line-ups, the farm store. Please be aware of signage posted around the farm.

4. We ask that only one family member go through the check out to pay. The others can wait off to the side, or take their apples to the car. 

We may have 100 acres of land to roam- allowing our guests to socially distance and explore- but we refuse to be complacent when it comes to the safety of the public. 

We count on our guests to be socially aware, and respect the safety protocols that we enforce on our farm. Again, if you aren’t prepared to follow these safety measures, please do not visit us.

Our sincerest thanks to those who have helped make Mountain Orchards a safe space for everyone.


We have always strived – and taken pride – in providing you with a safe, clean, and fun place to bring your family. This year we are striving to reach even higher! We want you to feel welcome and safe on your visit. So we are taking it on ourselves to take the following safety steps and would like to share them here:

A)  The first thing you will notice is that we have hired more staff- more help to greet and guide you.

B)  All of our staff will be wearing masks. Just assume they are smiling underneath.

C)  We will be offering wagon rides this year ONLY on the weekdays. On the weekends, we will be asking you walk. It is approximately 500 meters into the orchard – so wear your walking shoes.

D)  The lane will be divided so that it will be one way up and one way back.

E)  There will be frequent cleaning of all picnic tables, washrooms, and high traffic areas.

F)  Masks are required by our local health unit if you enter a building, so please make sure you bring your own.

G)  We ask that only one family member go through the check out to pay. The others can wait off to the side, or take their apples to the car.

H)  Apple cider donuts are available 7 days a week as always. Some things don’t change 🙂

A:  There is no admission fee and all our activities are free.

      •  Parking

      •  Wagon Rides

      •  Corn Maze

      •  Playground

      •  Forest Trails

      •  Straw Jump


Cost to Pick Apples:

All Varieties:   1/4 bushel : $20.00

                         1/2 bushel : $38.00 


We supply the bags. You can take them home and reuse our durable bags over and over again. OR you can pick your apples in our bags, put them in your own bags and we will happily reuse them again.

A: Our staff’s safety is paramount. The bakers we employ are in the 70+ age group, which is a high risk demographic. Our kitchens are not equipped to follow proper social distancing with the volume we bake each year, and so we felt it best to forgo pies and crisps this year – we want to ensure the health and wellness of our most vulnerable staff.

A:  Along with apple picking there are lots of activities available for you to enjoy – wagon rides, corn mazes (a major and a minor), forest trails, a playground, straw jump and picnic areas are all a part of your experience at the Orchard.

No, we supply all bags.  There are 2 sizes, half bushel & quarter bushel. Apples are charged by our bags, NOT by weight.

A: No reservations are required.

A : Yes. They must be leashed at all times & owners must clean up. (Doggy bags available)

A: Yes. We have one wheelchair accessible washroom.

(Please be aware the ground in the orchard and around the farm is uneven)

A: Yes. We follow an environmentally sustainable program.

* for more detailed information, please refer to ‘Sustainable Agricultural’.

A: No.  Parking & Activities are FREE

(Free Admission. Free Parking. Free Activities.)

A: Please see ‘What’s Picking’ . Updated as needed. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

A: We accept cash, debit, Visa & MasterCard.

Paying cash is being encouraged this year in order to minimize lineups at the checkouts. We find that by avoiding the use of cards lineups are kept to a minimum. If that is not convenient for you we still accept credit and debit cards.

A: Yes, we are open all three days.




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