And with that, our 2021 season comes to a close.

We would like to thank all of the families who supported us this year, helping us carry on the family tradition.

Our re-opening date is August 27th, 2022.

PLEASE check back to this section prior to your visit as variety opening dates can vary according to weather.

SilkenApple Sold Out


End of August to Mid-September

Sold Out

Noted for its unique white gold porcelain colour and for its outstanding texture and flavour.

LoboApple Sold Out copy


Early to Mid-September

Sold Out

Large and crisp; tart at first, sweetens in storage. Great for pies. It also is a great tasting apple when picked at the right time.

McIntoshSold Out


Mid-September to Mid-October

Sold Out

Originated in 1800 as a chance seedling by John McIntosh of Dundela, Ontario. Excellent for eating fresh, baking pies and sauces. Best all-purpose apple.

HoneycrispAppleSold Out


Late September

Sold Out

Distinctive crisp texture, aromatic, juicy and a slightly acidic and sweet taste. Flesh is cream coloured. Best eaten fresh. Stores very well.

Spartan Sold Out


Late September to Early October

Sold Out

Cross between the McIntosh and Newtown; originated in British Columbia. Medium size, red variety. Good fresh from hand; makes pie filling, too.

CortlandAppleSold Out


Late September to Early October

Sold Out

Mild, sweet taste and crisp texture. Excellent for salads and fruit plates; resists browning. Good for pies and sauces.

Eden Apple Sold Out copy


Late September to Early October

Sold Out

Juicy, firm, crisp and resistant to bruising and stores well. Resists browning after cutting, making it good for salads, and desserts.

Empire Apple Sold Out


Late September to Mid-October

Sold Out

Cross between the McIntosh and Red Delicious. Slightly tart; juicy, firm and crisp. Ideal for snacks; makes great applesauce.

Ambrosia Sold Out


Early October to Mid-October

Sold Out

A cross between Red and Golden Delicious. Cream coloured flesh, sweet, crisp and juicy with a distinctive honeyed aroma. Hold their shape in pies.

GoldenDelicious Sold Out


Early October to Mid-October

Sold Out

Excellent for eating fresh and one of the best baking apples for pies, apple sauce or apple butter.




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